Basic Statistical Concepts (4th Edition) by Albert E. Bartz

Basic Statistical Concepts (4th Edition)

Book Title: Basic Statistical Concepts (4th Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0137371802

Author: Albert E. Bartz

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Albert E. Bartz with Basic Statistical Concepts (4th Edition)

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Designed to help readers avoid "statistics anxiety," this introduction to basic statistics uses simplified language and presents concepts in a logical progression that allows readers to master simple tasks as they build the skills necessary to tackle more complex concepts. Includes, for each concept, Research Scenarios, familiar illustrations of the concept, formulas that define or demonstrate the concept, computational formulas, worked examples, and applications, and limitations of the concept. Incorporates computer examples (SPSS) throughout. Covers frequency distributions and graphical methods; central tendency; variability; the normal curve; sampling theory for hypothesis testing; correlation; prediction and regression; the significance of the difference between means; decision making, power, and effect size; one-way analysis of variance; two-way analysis of variance; and nonparametric statistical tests. For those in the education and the behavioral sciences who need an introduction to statistics.